Chers amis, famille, partenaires du royaume de Dieu, In writing this update, I feel a little like Paul addressing the Corinthians. I’ve been praying for each of you (I’m keeping a journal with your prayer requests) and I’m trusting that the truth of the Word … Continue reading Mwadingusha

je m’en vais!

After (nearly) two years of ministry (and waiting and praying and preparing in the throws of Lockdown) in my home country, I AM ON MY WAY to DR Congo!

2018/19 end of year report

We feel so humbled that God would allow us to continue that work, which was founded by great men and women of God, who gave their lives and were buried there. The team experienced wins all over the world.

Divine Appointments

On our first Expedition to Sekute, Vanessa met up with some locals at one of the churches they were ministering at. This is her testimony of Divine Appointments, and how chance-exchanges lead to powerful transformation.

Sioma Sustain Initiative

Zambia is currently suffering the worst drought in over 62 years. Throughout Western Province, Zambia and beyopnd, our sector managers have responded in sustainable manner by providing locals work, agricultural training, and land to farm.


I promise — I do more than run around and take unstable videos of things. This is a summary of yesterday’s jaunt.The mud was kindly supplied by hurricane Kenneth. For the past few days, we’ve had the loveliest showers and I’m so excited to see … Continue reading kenneth