partakers of the Divine Nature

As the decade comes to a close this month, we remember all that God has done through our team in the nations. Overland Missions exists to mobilize people with the Gospel message into the world as pioneers. For Christ, we communicate the Gospel in remote places, with an emphasis on the new creation, in order to transform forgotten people by making disciples and developing leaders. This simple message has the power to change not only individual hearts but also families, communities, and entire nations.

Tricia B, one of the Expeditions Directors, puts it this way: “You cannot have a true understanding of the Gospel and its empowering effect on our lives without being propelled to the nations as pioneers.” This is the heart behind every department and missionary within Overland Missions, because we believe that one small revelation of God will completely alter the pattern of our lives. In 2 Peter 1:3-4, Scripture tells us that we have been given everything that pertains to life and godliness, and more than that, we have become “partakers of the divine nature.” Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we’ve been endowed with the same power and authority that Jesus exercised when he walked on the earth. If we fully put our trust in this truth, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish for the kingdom.

And we have seen this message take root and come to fruition in the hearts of people across the globe these past years. In 2016, Emperor Mwant Yav of the Lunda people (one of the largest people groups in sub-Saharan Africa) traveled to the Overland base to personally invite missionaries to his people in DR Congo. Last year, we received the Kalene Hill Missions Base, as an ancillary base to Rapid 14 in northern Zambia. And only a few month ago, the team in Zanzibar gained NGO status, making Overland the first faith-based charity organization on the predominantly Muslim archipelago. Wins like this don’t come by accident—they are a product of the divine power that resides in every member of our team.

Across the globe, people are walking in the revelation of their identity as a new creation. In Cambodia, one Khmer disciple name Camry has seen at least ten people give their lives to Christ, not to mention countless miraculous through her steadfast faith. In Brazil, two young men entrenched in the drug trade were given freedom in Christ, and brought their whole family into relationship with God as well. In Angola, among the Kuvale tribe, one of the village headmen named Soba Kakwarta received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and proudly proclaimed, “All I think about is God. Before it wasn’t like that, but now my mind is consumed by Him!”

The power of the Gospel has given us every spiritual blessing, so that we can more effectively love God and His people around the world. We have even bigger hopes for the future: 1,000 fully-funded missionaries in their assignments by 2030 and team members in every nation on the earth. We are convinced that the power of the divine nature in us can accomplish anything—are you?