go on your way

By Jessi Schwertfeger, International Director of Operations.

“The man believed the word that Jesus had spoken to him and went on his way,” John 4:50.

Sometimes, and especially when we visit the United States, Jacob and I are approached as if we are returning heroes from a long-fought battle. Phrases like, We could never do what you do, We’re just glad there’s someone there, and Bless you for your sacrifices, are things that we hear on a weekly basis.

The message of our life surrounds the reality that the fullness of God dwelt in His Son Jesus and was given to us as a gift. If this is true, then a secondary message that we should learn to carry us would be this: You too have the ability, power, and authority to do anything that is available to you to do in building the Kingdom of Heaven.

Take this man that Jesus interacted with in the book of John, very early on in Jesus’ public ministry. He needed healing for a servant, and when Jesus assured him that his servant would be well, the man simply “believed the word that Jesus had spoken and went on his way.”

I tell you that this phrase encapsulates so much of our lives on the mission field.

How did you get an audience before kings and presidents?

By believing what Jesus said and going on our way.

How do all of these mission bases get established, built, and staffed with spirit-filled people with hearts for discipleship?

By believing what Jesus said and going on our way.

How have you managed to minister in the DR Congo of all places? Isn’t it dangerous?

Not when you believe what Jesus says and go on your way.

There is wisdom, strategy, endurance and there is certainly obedience and faithfulness.

But ultimately, the Word of God is SO TRUE and the character of God is SO GOOD that even if He never spoke to us again in a way that we could feel or understand, the encounters that we’ve had up to this point would be more than enough to keep us busy with going on our way to share His love.

We could live our whole lives on one word from the mouth of Jesus, one verse from His Word, or one encounter with the Holy Spirit. And yet, He does not require it. He presents the constant opportunity to be in fellowship with Him without ceasing.

I refuse to complicate it. Until He returns or calls me home, I will be taking His Word to heart and going on my way.

In the past few months, we’ve “gone on our way” to minister to and with our teams in North Africa, the Middle East, the Amazonia region of Brazil, and the northwest corner of Zambia bordering Angola and Congo. We’ve gone to the capital Lusaka, where Jacob has been a part of training more chaplains for the traditional leaders in Zambia, and where he has had the chance to hold meetings with bishops, government officials, and traditional leaders. Unprecedented and nation shaking.

Here’s what you can stake a claim to – Jesus is faithful. We won’t slow down or get discouraged. We’re a good investment for people with a heart for the nations and with resource earmarked for the building of the Kingdom.

My question of challenge for you today is: where are you going with the message you carry?