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Cornelia has been involved in missions across Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia since 2006, and joined Overland Missions in 2019 after completing Advanced Missions Training.

On assignment in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cornelia is part of a dynamic team pioneering the Gospel of the Kingdom to remote people in Lualapula and beyond.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a vast and war-torn country with a history of decades of exploitation that left scars on the people and the landscape. Corruption has taken over, and has caused multiple armies to form rebel groups while the government and outside influences grapple to control different areas. 

Yet — amid war, confusion, and poverty, we see tremendous breakthroughs as Congolese meet the Prince of Peace, and the Kingdom of God ministers restoration, bringing freedom from one generation to the next.

For Christ, we communicate the Gospel with emphasis on the new creation, making disciples, equipping and empowering believers with the Holy Spirit, and raising up independent indigenous leaders who are passionate about the Kingdom.