in waiting

This is a temporary season of change. Though it may feel it is lasting a long time, remember we are being molded, sharpened, and etched into a new creation. A plant only flourishes after it is first rooted in the ground. So it is that we are seeds of light rooted in the foundation of Jesus Christ. So, do not be discouraged when we grow during sufferings because God is at work for our good and His glory. Continue reading in waiting

the Door

There is rest and there is peaceInside the shade of Your garden Jesus, you’re the only one for methere’s no way I’m leaving youYour the love the way the life the truthYou’re our the door I’m walking through Your love is the reason that I am hereand I’m running to you cause your all I need Continue reading the Door

not abandoned

I’m praying for the Nations of Africa today.Northern Africa and the Middle East has been at the center of persecution for many years, and yet, many new believers turn to Christ as Lord and Saviour. one of the largest threats to the Western Church is lukewarm faith. persecution is one of the best things that can happen to a family of believers. the harvest is plenty, … Continue reading not abandoned

Eli! Eli!

I had just woken up. It was barely light yet.
I remember very clearly having dreamt about Elijah, and Eli serving in the Temple, telling Samuel to go back to bed because it was not he who had called to him.
It had been exactly 1 day since I got my car.
You might not pray about naming your car, and neither did I at first. But, I knew God has spoken to me, so I named my car Eli. Continue reading Eli! Eli!