from the mouthes of babes

This past week, around 80 missionaries (kiddos included), with a mish-mash of 12 vehicles, representing 7 nations where the Good News of the Gospel is proclaimef, came together for Overland Missions’ annual African Staff conference.

here, 7 nations in which the Good News of the Gospel is proclaimed, is represented by 80 missionaries (including kids) at Overland Missions’ African Staff Conference/Retreat

What an uplifting an encouraging time to hear team members share on the Cost of Discipleship, to receive pastoral ministry, to cast vision, and to fellowship with team members who are also friends and family!

2020 will be a great year — what a privilege it is to labour in the Kingdom alongside giants such as these!

I just wanted to share this nugget with you! one morning I came into the kitchen to find kids’ church in gull swing — these kids live in foreign countries with their parents where they participate and share the Gospel with unreached and neglected people groups.

In Angola, the Mucubal are one of many nomadic tribes in the southern parts of Namibe — they have NEVER heard the Gospel before and have no written language.

Currently, 3 missionary families live and work full-time to reach these beautiful people, using a micture of English, Portuguese and Kuvale to tell parables and Bible stories to these remote people groups.

In this video, one of the Angolan missionary kids shares the story of Noah — these young missionaries are Spirit-filled and ready to witness the Love of God to the Nations!