online church: God tells Noah to build a big boat

“I have put my rainbow in the clouds… The waters will never become a flood to destroy all life again.”

Genesis 9:13, 15

One afternoon, Noah was sitting in the shade watching his sons play with a ball. Shem passed the ball to Ham while Japheth tried to stop him from scoring a goal. Noah laughed aloud when Shem gave Ham a high five after scoring.

God said to Noah, “The people on earth have grown corrupt and violent. This is not why I created Man. I am going to make a new start to the earth and its people.”

All of a sudden, Noah heard God speak to him.

God placed His rainbow in the clouds to remind us of His promises.

Noah was a righteous man. He always lived close to God. God chose Noah and his family to be part of the new start He was planning.

                “What do you want me to do, God?” said Noah, and he kneeled down to pray.

God told Noah to build a big boat and call it the Ark. God gave Noah specific instructions about the size and shape the Ark should take.

Noah finished praying, and got up from where he was kneeling. He called his sons together and explained God’s plan to them.

                “Shem, Ham, Japheth, God wants us to build the Ark. It is going to be a safe place where we can hide when the flood comes.”

                “Father, what is a flood?” asked Japheth.

                “God said it is going to rain a lot. The many waters will cause a flood”, answered Noah.

Noah and his sons started building the Ark. They worked hard every day to complete the building project in time. Every day people from the villages around them came to look at the Ark. They laughed at Noah and his sons and pointed at the Ark saying, “That will never float! Where will you find water?”

Noah and his sons remained obedient to God.

When the Ark was finished, Noah and his family went inside, along with different kinds of animals. This was part of God’s plan to start new life on earth once the water of the flood had drained away.

It started to rain, but Noah and his family were not afraid. God had a plan. They would trust in Him.

Discover: It rained for forty days and forty nights, and the water covered the tallest mountaintops. Everything on earth died. Only Noah and his family were left. God remembered his promise to Noah and He made a new start with Noah, his family, and the animals on the Ark.

Memorize: “I have put my rainbow in the clouds… The waters will never become a flood to destroy all life again.” Genesis 9:13, 15