online church: God created us for relationship

“You must not eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden.”

Genesis 3:3
God created us to live in close relationship with Him.

On a sunny afternoon, Eve was sitting on a rock, when she saw a creature she had never seen before.

                “Who are you?” she asked.

                “I am the sssssserpent,” said the creature, flicking its long tongue. “Do you sssssssmell the delicioussssss fruit on that Tree?”

The Tree was at the centre of God’s beautiful garden. Bright fruit hung from the Tree’s branches.

                “God told us not to eat the fruit from The Tree,” said Eve. “Any other tree is fine, but not this one.”

The serpent slithered up the tree and coiled itself around a big branch.

                “Are you ssssssure God ssssaid you sssshouldn’t eat thissss fruit? He is jussssst afraid you will become like Him if you eat it. Then your eyesssss will be opened, and you will underssssstand many thingsssssss.”

Eve’s stomach growled. She was hungry. Maybe she could try just one bite?

She reached up toward The Tree and picked a bright fruit from the branches. Then she took a big bite.

As the juice from the fruit dribbled down her chin, Adam peeked out from behind The Tree.

                “Adam, you have to try this! The fruit is sweet and delicious!” said Eve.

Adam knew that God told them to eat fruit from The Tree, but he took a bite anyway.

Adam looked at Eve. Eve looked at the serpent. The serpent slithered off into the bush. Something had changed. Something was not right. Adam and Eve heard God walking in the Garden, but instead of running to him like they always do, they felt ashamed and decided to hide.

Adam and Eve had sinned. They were disobedient to God. Sin had separated Adam and Eve from God’s presence.

Adam and Eve could no longer live in the Garden. They knew God still loved them, but they knew life would be very different from now on.

Discover: After Adam and Eve left the Garden, God placed an angel with a flaming sword at the entrance to the Garden so that nobody could get back inside.

Memorize: “You must not eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden.” Genesis 3:3